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Raining Diapers Pleases Baby

Raining Diapers Pleases Baby

Baby seems pleased that the diapers are raining from above!
Category: Comedy

Tags: Baby diapers falling lol

Real Life Garbage Pail Kid (Chubby cuppy cake boy)

Real Life Garbage Pail Kid
(Chubby cuppy cake boy)

A cute chubby boy singing cuppycake song, watch his eyebrows at the end... PRICELESS!

Btw... I believe this kid is lipsync-ing, but he did it perfectly. Looks like he really sings it.


Song: Your My Honeybunch (The Cuppycake Song)

Artist: Amy Castle at age three

©1994 Amy J. Music

Kids Don't Like Puppets

Kids Don't Like Puppets

A kid has a weird reaction to a puppet show. Funny stuff.

Category: Comedy

Tags: kids puppets scared child funny haha lol puppet omg hilarious

Star Wars according to a 3 year old

Star Wars according to a 3 year old.

Notes from YouTube's poster:
02/26/08 Update: Wow. What was expected to be a short movie that would circulate within a small circle of friends has turned into something much more very quickly. I'm thrilled that so many people have enjoyed this video but also somewhat mortified that I added this without my daughter's knowledge or consent. Maybe someday she will find some humor in it.

Comments: Have been disabled. I think they have run their course. To those who have sent positive comments, thank you very much. You've made us appreciate what we have even more than we already do. To those of you who've said you've changed your mind about having children, well, have at it. :)

Business inquiries/agents: Thanks for your interest. At the current time we have no intention of exposing our little one to the destroyer of youth that is the entertainment industry (with the exception of Star Wars, heh). Hopefully if she chooses to follow this path on her own someday she will find a door still open for her.

Other things:

She has never seen Pokemon so I don't think she's making a reference to the ball on that show. I think she just means pokey ball as in "a ball that is pokey." (And yes, I know what the pokey balls really are! Stop emailing :) )

Three year olds can't read. I'm sure there are exceptions to that rule.


Here is my daughter, age 3, explaining the plot of Star Wars Episode IV.

She explained the whole movie to me in much greater detail but unfortunately I didn't have the camera going. When I finally caught her talking about the movie again she delivered this truncated, but still funny, version.

Edit: Thank you all for the nice comments. Maybe I will print them out for her and someday and when she's all growed up she'll get to read them herself.

A little more about the video: She wasn't coached to say anything, nor was she forced to make the video. She rarely stops talking. Those of you with children understand this: sometimes it's harder to turn the faucet off than to turn the faucet on.

Believe it or not, she has the seem the movie only once, and I spread it out over 3 days so it wouldn't be too much all at once for her.

The video was edited to make it shorter, more cohesive and hopefully funnier. I did move some of the lines around so it would make more sense.
Category: People & Blogs

Tags: star wars according to child year old explaining plot kid in one minute

john Tavares Amazing World Juniors Goal 2009 - Hockey Highlight Video

Amazing hockey goal video. The guy juggles it to gain control, then dinks it in just before getting bashed by an opposing player.

Category: Sports

Tags: team canada world juniors ottawa 2009 december 23 2008-12-23 hamilton toronto maple leafs oshawa generals

Bush Shoe Incident - 2 shoes thrown at President Bush during press conference in Iraq

Bush Shoe Incident - Two shoes thrown at President Bush during press conference in Iraq.

An Iraqi journalist threw 2 shoes at President George Bush
Category: News & Politics

George Bush Dancing

George Bush Dancing
George W. Bush dancing on the North Portico of the White House as he awaits the arrival of Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain.

Category: News & Politics
Tags: george bush dance

Who Needs Pockets? (Frogs in Diaper)

Who Needs Pockets? (Frogs in Diaper)
Funny Little Girl Fits 5 Frogs In Her Diaper! A Must See.
Terrifically cute video.

Category: Comedy

Tags: funny cute little girl baby frogs hilarious comedy

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A walrus that can play saxophone

A walrus that can play saxophone.
A walrus called Sara in a Turkish Zoo that can play sax and dance. Fun video.

(misspelled as saxaphone)

Little brother steals the show at a football game

Little brother steals the show at a football game
The drum major finds out in this video there is more than one good dancer in the family.

Baby Techno Dancer

Baby Techno Dancer
Funny dancing video of a baby getting his groove going.

Spectacular Winning Shot: High School Basketball

Spectacular Winning Shot: High School Basketball
A high school basketball game comes down to a backwards, over-the-head basket.