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Guilty! Denver the Web's Most Guilty Dog

Guilty! Denver the Web's Most Guilty Dog

Someone helped themselves to the kitty Cat treats while I was out!! Lets see.....hmmmmmmm

THOUSANDS OF YOU ASKED FOR IT-NOW YOU GOT IT!! Denver's official facebook page is up. Please stop in and LIKE the page and post something great!!
"Denver Our Guilty Dog" on facebook

song is by john carrie moor green and it was offered by youtube in their add music section. i dont recall the title of the song


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tracysue71 said...

Denver isn't only the most guilty dog on the web...but the cutest too! is she adorable or what?

Tony said...

I don't think a dog could be more adorable. Amazing!

Julie said...


I came across your post about Denver. Have you seen the youtube video - "Is Denver really guilty?" - An animal behavior researcher talks about the "guilty look" in dogs. I thought you would be interested.