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Lamb Unto Slaughter, Unto Savior (poem)

Not for the anti-religious crowd, but out on YouTube just the same.

Lamb Unto Slaughter, Unto Savior

Wretched I am by pebblestones and cockleburs
as I walk this lonely night, wondering who I am.
What is a lamb worth who has sinned as I have sinned?
Thickets of dead meadows follow me,
tangling once white wool
wondering if I can still be loved.
Shadowing groves of ghastly things charge me of how lost I am.
Where is the shepherd to whom my flock he tends?
Behold... beyond this curs├ęd acre, a lamb is coming for me!

The lamb is the kind shepherd who picks burs and pebbles
in our days, and seeks us in the night.
From the thickets, from the coppiced briars, He carries me
yet Himself is thorn-scarred and bur-laden from the wicked wood.
Together, He takes me home and together we look for sheep,
but alone He is my shepherd, who alone pursued me
as a lamb going where only lambs can go.


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